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Regatta Business Park

Long before the Regatta Residence Resort was initiated, the developers built a 2500m2 office building available to renters at Fokkerweg 26 in Curaçao. This project has been successful from the beginning.

Since the further development of Regatta Residence has slowed down because of the several economic crises around the world, it was decided to investigate possible additional activities in construction. It was the logical choice to make use of the existing experience of the business park in Curaçao and to construct an office building for rentals on Bonaire, as well.

After obtaining a suitable terrain of 3500m2 at Kaya International, very close to the stadium parking, the plans were worked out.

The choice was made to construct a modern, efficient, and easy-to-maintain building of 3000m2, divided over three floors each of which is 1000m2 each, along with a minimum of 100 parking lots. As with all construction from the group, their own building materials will be used with the result that a maximum possible thermal insulation will be obtained. This indicates that at least 40% less cooling capacity is needed than for an office building constructed in the traditional manner.

The location is very centrally located with walking distance of Playa and most major government departments. It provides sufficient parking and the possibility of extension.

For additional information, contact Jos Schoonen, on cellular +(5999) 560-2457 or +599 700-2397 or email info@regattaresidence.com.