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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of a closed community? Since all common areas including the roads are owned by the owners association, it is the owners who decide who enters the community and, more importantly, who does not enter. The area is walled in and the entrance gate is either to be opened by a remote control or a guard. This prevents unwanted traffic and  provides a security situation that can be easily kept under control. Children can safely move around and homeowners can leave the island and leave their house behind without concern.

Are pets allowed on the property? Since the houses and apartments do not have individual fences or gates, it is not allowed.

Are the garages and storage boxes for sale individually? Yes they are. They will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. They can be purchased only by owners of property in Regatta Residence.

Why are our prices so reasonable when compared to other projects? All our construction is of high quality and the land is owned, so that does not influence a lower price. The project is not directly on the shoreline but about two miles inland from Kralendijk. It is simply the matter of location that makes some $200,000 difference per unit.

Can the homes be easily connected with Internet and the television station? Yes, there are several providers on the island. CNN, ESPN, BVN, BBC, and DW, etc. are all available.

What are the charges for the common grounds? There is a $200.00 per month fee payable to the active Homeowners Association. This is to cover all costs involved with the common properties and services such as pools, security, common gardens, and others.

What are the rental possibilities? Very good. If you decide to place your property in the rental pool, just advise when your house is available. Of course, all your personal wishes will be discussed and approved by you first. Your return on investment will be over 6% in the long-term. Besides the rental income, the future steady increase in the value of real estate should be taken into consideration.

Placing the roof insulation.
Construction of Regatta Residence Bonaire