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Bungalow/Unit 45 at Regatta Residence

“Like many people, it was our wish to own a second home in a country where the weather is better than that in Holland. First, we looked around in the south of France and Spain, but a bungalow answering to our wishes would easily cost E 300.000!


“Because of the low value of the dollar, our interest was then diverted to the Dutch Caribbean, and, after discovering Bonaire’s peaceful beauty and quietness, our choice was easily made. It is just an extra bonus that in 2010, Bonaire will become a municipality of the Netherlands. The island will than be a sunny Caribbean part of the kingdom of the Netherlands!


“The value of real estate then can only rise, and it is conservatively expected to rise at least 5% per year. In addition to the property appreciate, the rental possibilities for additional income are very good.


“There are numurous other benefits: Flying from Holland to the Caribbean takes only nine hours on direct flights, and it can also take a day to get to the south of Europe. On Bonaire, one can easily communicate in Dutch or English, there are no traffic lights, and no one drives faster than 60 km per hour (37 miles per hour). Restaurants are excellent, and rather inexpensive when compared to Europe. Bonaire’s ambience is very relaxed and one can really unwind here. Strolling along Kralendijk’s oceanfront boulevard or watching the sunset at a beach makes one believe he/she is truly in paradise.


“For us it is very clear: We are are very happy with our Regatta Residence bungalow, and we will be visiting Bonaire more and more.”

— Joke and Peter van Weezel. Peter is tax consultant and senior partner with an accountancy firm in Holland. He will gladly attend directly to any questions regarding the vacation rental of his bungalow. The van Weezels have their own property web site, which you may view by clicking here.